Nonprofits continue to face cascading challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses. As leaders are reacting to the latest programmatic and revenue hurdles, they also must create a strategy for what comes next.

In this webinar, Jeff Berndt, Director of Advancement at Thacher School, Sarah Di Troia, Founder of Sarah Di Troia consulting and Brian Joseph, Founder and CEO of RevJen, will explore trends and share front-line experiences securing revenue while the outlook is murky.

They’ll share what they are experiencing works now, mistakes they’ve made, and opportunities they are seeing in major gifts, institutional funding, fee-for-service, and more. We’ll look at what nonprofit leaders can do now to drive 2020 revenue, and discuss how to prepare for what comes next, including:

• The changing rhythms of donor engagement

• New and emerging opportunities in institutional funding

• Tips and processes to prepare for the next phases of this crisis

This webinar is ideal for C-suite nonprofit leaders, board members, and front-line fundraisers.


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