Staci Tubbs

Executive Vice President, Product and Content

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Describe an average day for you. 

Challenges. Rapid iteration. Connecting the dots.

Why are you passionate about RevJen’s work?

I spent 20+ years in the for-profit space. Today, businesses, even the small ones, have far more choices and resources to help them grow and scale. I want non-profits to have the knowledge, tools, experiences, and community that transform revenue challenges into opportunities to expand impact.

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about the nonprofit sector, what would it be? 

Leading any organization is challenging, and in the non-profit space, we find additional complexity that for-profit organizations do not have to face. My magic wand would grant non-profits unrestricted funding.

Finish this sentence: “On Saturday mornings you can usually find me…”

Walking dogs and getting outside for a good hike.

Staci's Bio

As the EVP for Product and Content for RevJen, Staci leads product strategy, development and execution. Before assuming her current role at RevJen in 2019, Staci spent 20+ years leading for-profit organizations. In 2014, she founded Staci Tubbs Leadership, which provides Masterminds, Peer Groups and executive development for Founders, Owners, and Chief Executives. Prior to assuming this role, Staci spent nearly two decades leading private and public companies, most recently serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Stellar North America, a $20 Million business process outsourcing company. Her strengths include the capacity to successfully scale organizations, engaging in balanced risk-taking, and creating a strong team culture, and ensuring that the team has some fun along the growth journey.

Outside of work, Staci enjoys the warmth and people in Dallas, hiking and walking her dogs, and an occasional travel adventure. She holds a B.S. from Cornell University in Biology, as well as certification in coaching and facilitation from the Coaches Training Institute.