R-Squared Peer Groups

R-Squared Peer Groups: Community for Nonprofit Leaders

There is power in community.

Today’s nonprofit leaders are facing extraordinary challenges and opportunities. We know – they are feeling the weight of the choices that are theirs to make, and we understand that they need community, support and a safe space. To gather. To learn. To brainstorm. To problem-solve. To grow.

R-Squared is that place.

R-Squared Peer Groups were created exclusively for nonprofit leaders – to expand their network, build community, and increase access to much-needed resources. R-Squared provides a safe, confidential space for leaders to tackle real-time issues, opportunities, and challenges. Our diverse, nation-wide community offers members the unparalleled insight and support that shared experience brings.

Through our professionally facilitated process, nonprofit leaders bring their most pressing challenges to the table, learn from others’ experiences, share insights and best practices, and gain perspective that informs an action plan forward.

Leaders need other leaders.

Peer groups have long been considered a key component in leadership development and success. More connected and less costly than executive coaching, regular collaboration with a peer advisory group is proven to:

  • foster connectedness
  • facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and insight
  • enhance professional commitment and accountability
  • provide a confidential, cathartic environment
  • bolster the growth and success of its members and their organizations

Peer group participation drives leaders to become invested in the development and success of themselves, their peers, and their organizations.

Leaders need RevJen’s R-Squared.

Leadership challenges and isolation are felt by all nonprofit leaders – not just ED’s and CEO’s. R-Squared Peer Groups were built for ED’s/CEO’s, heads of revenue, COO/CFO’s, program, and other key leadership functions.

RevJen is uniquely positioned to deliver the peer group experience that nonprofit leaders need. Our organization is neutral, mission-agnostic, and funder-independent, which allows us to optimally operate as collaborator, partner and facilitator. Our work benefits the nonprofit sector as a whole – funders, leaders, and the organizations they serve.

R-Squared Peer Groups are unlike any other nonprofit peer group offering. Here’s what makes us different:

Unparalleled perspective

Expand your outlook and elevate your voice by collaborating with leaders both within and outside your geographic area and mission. The ability to hear from peers outside your immediate circle provides the depth of experience and insight that nonprofit leaders don’t have easy access to. Our R-Squared Community is comprised of hundreds of members across the country – and we continue to grow.

Our distinct structure

Each peer group is comprised of up to twelve nonprofit leaders who share similar organizational responsibilities. Guided by a professionally certified RevJen Facilitator trained in our proven, systematic process, members meet monthly for four hours to tackle real time issues, share best practices, and engage in valuable dialogue. Over time, members develop meaningful connection, camaraderie, and valued friendship with one another.

Our proven process

Each month, members bring what is most pressing to the table. Funding, downsizing, sustainability, board engagement, operations, leading through disruption, executive transition plans – nothing is off limits. The group, as a collective, decides the days’ focus, and works through:

  • A deep dive into the chosen issue at hand. The facilitator leads the group through the questions: What is the challenge at hand? What is causing the challenge? Are you focusing on the causes or just the symptoms?
  • Free sharing of suggestions and experiences. Members contribute learnings, insights, and best practices through productive dialogue and inquiry.
  • Development of action steps. A path forward is collectively identified as accountability is established: What will you do? When will you do it?
Results that speak for themselves

R-Squared leaders can attest – the ongoing peer group experience is invaluable – both personally and professionally. You will:

  • Work through your most pressing challenges and opportunities.
  • Listen and learn from other’s experiences.
  • Gain perspective and insight.
  • Share your experiences to help others.
  • Grow your network.
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of fellow leaders.
  • Feel the collective strength and support.
  • Become a better leader and empower your mission.

The cost of membership in R-Squared is $3,000 per year. Don’t let cost be a barrier to participation – scholarships are available