Our Work

At RevJen, we believe that nonprofit organizations and their leaders are the key catalysts for achieving impact and positive change in communities around the world.  With effective, high impact solutions, we equip nonprofit leaders to tackle their biggest challenge – revenue.

We are revenue capacity building experts who partner with organizations, funders and other key stakeholders to provide both revenue capacity building training and executive peer groups to the nonprofit sector.  Our products were designed in conjunction with the market to meet individual leaders and organizations where they are, with what they need, to focus on root causes versus symptoms of their organizational challenges.

While many nonprofit organizations have original program models, many of the organizational challenge’s leaders face are not unique.  Best practices, experiences, and solutions do exist. Unfortunately, they remain highly fragmented and difficult to access for those who need them most.  At RevJen, we help accelerate the impact of social organizations by leveraging the insights, knowledge, and best practices of successful leaders and organizations through our product offerings.

Ready to Fuel Your Impact?

“Both R-Squared and RevJen have been incredible experiences for NYC Salt staff to be a part of. The FUEL Series workshop transformed the way we are thinking about hiring development staff and gave us a pathway towards creating new avenues and strategies for revenue generation.”

Alicia Hansen
Founder & Executive Director
NYC Salt