Matthew Joseph

Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Location: Portland, Oregon

Describe an average day for you. 

People. Laughs. Fixing.

Why are you passionate about RevJen’s work?

Because my job entails helping the people who are helping make this a better world— a world in which my kids are growing up.

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about the nonprofit sector, what would it be? 

Leadership can be rewarding, but also exhausting and lonely at times. My magic wand would be to allow nonprofit leaders to always have a reliable sounding board and safe place to talk through their challenges, ask for help, and ultimately feel more confident about the decisions they need to make.

Finish this sentence: “On Saturday mornings you can usually find me…”

Throwing the football with my son, playing Barbies with my daughter, or getting lost on a long trail run.

Matthew's Bio

As the General Counsel and EVP of Client Experience at RevJen, Matthew is responsible for company operations (HR, finance, ops, and all that fun stuff). Basically, he’s tasked with
making sure the trains arrive on time, so to speak.

Before making the wise decision to join RevJen in January of 2019, he served as corporate counsel for a multinational medical device company and prior to that, as a corporate attorney at a Portland law firm. With extensive experience in business management, entrepreneurship, and leadership, Matthew takes a client-relations-focused approach to the delivery of high-quality services, while obtaining operational efficiencies, team development, high client satisfaction and retention, and having some fun along the way. When not in the office, he is normally found reading, participating in some kind of silly endurance event (triathlons, cycling, trail running, etc.), or chasing his kiddos — Emma age 4, universally considered the CEO of the household, and Miles age 8, who is never far from a smile — around. He holds degrees from the
University of Texas-Arlington and Lewis & Clark Law School.