Gareth Keown

Chief Operations Officer

Location: Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas

Describe an average day for you. 

Rabbits. Air-Traffic-Control. On-Time.

Why are you passionate about RevJen’s work?

When the right ideas and solutions are prevented from seeing the light of day due to funding constraints, I am moved to action. I help organizations to remove revenue capacity-based constraints.

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about the nonprofit sector, what would it be? 

Perception. The non-profit sector is the third largest employer in the US economy. As such, it should figure more prominently in various national socio-economic conversations.

Finish this sentence: “On Saturday mornings you can usually find me…”

Swimming, Cycling, or Running. Groundhog Day.

Gareth's Bio

As Chief Operations Officer, Gareth oversees all organizational infrastructure and operations. Gareth assumed his role at RevJen in 2018, after 2 decades of serving in the faith-based, non-profit sector. Throughout his career, he has led projects in more than 100 nations, as facilitated by his capacity to speak multiple languages. He takes a mission-centered and revenue-focused approach to his work, with an emphasis on heightening overall organizational capacity. He brings to his role at RevJen extensive, proven, international nonprofit executive leadership experience, including a stint as a Foundation Officer at the Mission Increase Foundation. In that context, he recruited and trained 112 non-profit organizations in the process of adopting sustainable revenue models. To date, the foundation has helped raise $116,847,356 in immediate organization matches.

Gareth is also an Associate Global Missions Pastor and Executive nonprofit leader. He holds a degree in Theology, as well as associate degrees in both Marketing and Finance.