Caitlan Wren

Regional Director, Texas

Location: Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

Describe an average day for you. 

Spontaneous. Collaborative. Entertaining.

Why are you passionate about RevJen’s work?

I am passionate about the mission-driven, world-changing, big-thinking nonprofit leaders who are out there solving the injustices that they see in their community and beyond. I know that the work we do at RevJen empowers them to further their mission by radically changing the ways in which they view and talk about revenue.

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about the nonprofit sector, what would it be? 

Eradicate the burnout that plagues our most hard-working and passionate leaders. Even in the context of mission-based work, people are mission-critical.

Finish this sentence: “On Saturday mornings you can usually find me…”

Watching ESPN’s College GameDay (Hotty Toddy!) or having dance parties with my daughters.

Caitlin's Bio

As Regional Director, Caitlan is responsible for establishing new partnerships and maintaining existing relationships with nonprofit organizations, funders, boards and other community partners. In addition, she is tasked with promoting and selling RevJen solutions to nonprofit leadership teams and funders. Caitlan also oversees RevJen’s impact in the region through planning, implementation, expansion, and evaluation, enabling the overall success of RevJen’s work in Texas.

Before joining RevJen in 2018, Caitlan built and implemented an Alumni Program for Genesys Works, served as a recess coach for Playworks, and taught in under-resourced schools in Houston and DFW. Her unique range of nonprofit and educational experiences makes her well-equipped to support diverse nonprofit leaders in Texas. Caitlan has a heart for partnering with and supporting those who are on the frontlines of changing the world, whether locally or abroad.

She lives with her husband, Josh, and their two daughters in Keller. She holds a B.A. in English and Education from the University of Houston.