Barry Goldberg


Location: Little Rock, AR

Describe an average day for you. 

Full. Focused. Sometimes Frenetic.

Why are you passionate about RevJen’s work?

Any organization formed to effect change needs to have the chops to have an impact. Good intentions with thin governance and insufficient resources are painful for me to see. Creating capacity to have sustainable impact has been foundational to my work for decades, and RevJen’s focus on a sustainable financial culture addresses the biggest sustainability challenge in the not for profit world.

If you could wave a magic wand and change one thing about the nonprofit sector, what would it be? 

Better Board governance. It is hard to watch business leaders forget their role as a board member and step into details and second guess a CEO/ Executive Director.

Finish this sentence: “On Saturday mornings you can usually find me…”

In the fall and spring: As deep in the Arkansas woods as I can get in 2 days. We have wonderful wilderness here and hundreds of miles of deep woods trails in Arkansas. In the summer and winter: Local trails in the morning and buried in a writing project in the afternoon.

Barry's Bio

Facilitation is a common element in everything that Barry does. He leads peer advisory groups of CEO’s and senior executives, and designs and facilitates a wide range of meetings from bet-the- business project teams to large room strategic planning events. In addition, Barry is an Executive Coach, credentialed at the PCC level with the International Coaching Federation. Barry has been a CEO peer group chair since 2012 and a credentialed coach since 2004.

In addition to a broad range of for-profit enterprises, Barry has completed a range of leadership development/coaching work for UN Peacekeepers, Heifer International, the International Red Cross, the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and the Winthrop Rockefeller Institute. Barry holds a BA in History from the University of Texas and a Graduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University. He has served on faculty or been a guest lecturer at University of Arkansas, Little Rock EMBA program, UA Clinton Graduate School of Public Service, Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership (Executive Coaching program).

Outside of work, he is an avid (if not skilled) golfer, and disappears in the deep Arkansas wood whenever weather allows. Barry has delivered leadership development and facilitation services in 33 countries and every continent except Antarctica (he's still looking for that South Pole gig.)