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“If you counted up the amount of hours you spent in the room going through the RevJen process, you would find it is miniscule in comparison to all the time you spent prior to the experience trying to figure it out on your own.”
Jabari Gray, Executive Director, Youth Radio

When it comes to tackling revenue challenges, many non-profit leaders lack the knowledge and skills needed to identify where to start. As a result, too often they find themselves focused on addressing symptoms rather than the root cause of a revenue problem. The consequences of this pattern of problem-solving is costing leaders valuable time, money, and impact.
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We recognize how discouraging it can be to continue chasing the same problems over and over, only to have them show up again. RevJen has learned this paradigm is the result of a weak internal revenue infrastructure and an over-dependence on one or two superstars in the organization. We have helped dozens of nonprofits get off this hamster-wheel and adopt an approach to building a strong revenue infrastructure to begin “institutionalizing” their revenue, attacking the root of the problem. By joining the RevJen community you will transition from reinventing the wheel and adopting short term solutions to a revenue generating infrastructure that moves beyond dependence on an individual contributor. Finally, harnessing the power of a revenue engine that works!
There are solutions; but there is no magic wand! RevJen’s training programs take a ‘learn-by-doing’ approach with expert facilitators who guide your team through our proven framework, offer strategies and tools to deepen insights, and provide the time/space to work on revenue issues with your leadership team. Once your team is introduced to, trained on, and starts to utilize the RevJen 5-part framework, they will have a new perspective, framework and common language around the role of revenue in your organization.
RevJen’s Fuel Series Workshop will provide you with valuable tools that help free up your time, knowledge that will save you money long term, and experience with a proven product that is the only one of its kind. There is nothing in the space that does what RevJen offers, or provides the tools that we have developed. This training was created based off years of working with nonprofits who were running themselves ragged addressing symptomatic problems, rather than core revenue challenges.
If your organization isn’t scaling, or you aren’t reaching your yearly revenue goals; you likely haven’t addressed the root cause. Once you learn how to address revenue in a proactive way, you will see your organization begin to thrive.
  • Understanding and defining your revenue model,
  • Building a comprehensive revenue strategy to strengthen your overall revenue health,
  • A financial exercise to ensure sufficient resources are allocated to revenue generation activities,
  • Designing your organizational structure to support strong revenue engine, and
  • Fostering a ‘culture’ a revenue across all aspects of the organization.
“If you are really looking to catalyze change for your mission - then the RevJen experience is the perfect thing to go through. The tactical approach in the way they describe the framework for revenue generation was imperative for our thinking, and challenged us to make sure we have all the bits and pieces to be successful.”
Lynne Lee, Executive VP, Coaching Corps
  • Three, one-day workshops
  • An in-depth participant workbook
  • A community of other non-profit leaders
  • A framework, tools, and knowledge to build a sustainable revenue infrastructure
Fuel Series Workshop -
participant feedback

I found the structured time to discuss these topics with my leadership team valuable.


It was beneficial to explore our revenue challenges within the context of the RevJen framework.


The revenue SWOT analysis and discussion helped us prioritize and focus on areas to preserve, increase, and expand.


The framework for org design - align, define, i.d., design - was helpful and applicable to my organization.

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