What's different about RevJen?
RevJen is a knowledge hub that improves revenue generation for nonprofits. Joining RevJen is a cost-effective way for nonprofits and funders to build economically sustainable organizations.

Although each nonprofit is unique, many revenue challenges are not. There is a wealth of knowledge in the social sector about effective revenue strategies and practices, but no easy way for organizations to learn from one another. RevJen is that solution.

We gather and share knowledge around sustainable revenue generation. We cover both fundraising and earned income, using case studies of best practices and common pitfalls.

Nonprofits that participate in our training become part of a peer learning community that supports them in translating newly acquired knowledge and skills into the organizational changes needed for sustainable revenue generation.

We take an organization-wide approach to nonprofit revenue generation. What does this mean? The foundation of economic sustainability is a strong revenue infrastructure. This includes:
  • An understanding of the strengths and limitations of your current income sources in order to identify a sustainable way forward.
  • A revenue strategy that is aligned with your mission and overall strategy.
  • A structured relationship between national and local offices for effective revenue development.
  • A Board and culture that support sustainable revenue generation.
Once this foundation is in place, we provide you the tools to successfully execute your revenue strategy, which we call revenue management. This includes:
  • Understanding how to build, train, and retain effective revenue teams.
  • Designing data-driven revenue strategies.
  • Effectively engaging donors and customers.
You can find more information on our approach here.