What you get from RevJen
RevJen stays on top of the latest research and best practices so our customers can learn quickly from others’ experience. We share proven, replicable methods from high performing nonprofit organizations in a simple, time saving format. In addition, our training and tools are designed using the latest studies of nonprofit management, and behavioral and social science.
RevJen's workskops will teach you to:
  • Identify a sustainable funding model
  • Develop a revenue strategy for all sources of income
  • Structure your organization to support revenue generation
  • Put in place support systems to successfully execute your revenue strategy
You can find more information about our training topics here.
Our Revenue Diagnostic Tool (RDT) allows nonprofits and funders to:
  • Identify funding strengths and challenges
  • Inform future funding strategies
  • Measure changes in revenue generation capacity over time
  • Structure a conversation about the kinds of capacity investments needed for long-term economic sustainability
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Join RevJen to connect with a community of peers to:
  • Learn through case studies of successful nonprofits
  • Share funding challenges with peers
  • Translate new knowledge into organizational change
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