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“This is a great process for any executive looking for the opportunity to step away from their everyday and come together with the best of the best in this space to talk through challenges in confidence.”
Eliza Skinner, Year Up

What Makes R-Squared Executive Forums So Different?
When it comes to being an executive in an organization, many are so isolated that it leads them to feel frustrated, overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin tackling their key challenges. RevJen’s R-Squared Executive Forum enables leaders to tap into the power of community and networks by working through a structured process that is proven to show results in addressing top challenges and opportunities within organizations.
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We understand that nonprofit work is often undervalued in this country; leaving leaders isolated, and with insufficient access to networks and resources. However, there is power in numbers! R-Squared brings together executives in a safe space to connect with their peers, and process through shared challenges and opportunities.
R-Squared is designed to be content driven by the participants, and facilitated by a certified RevJen Catalyst. We developed this concept at the request of nonprofit executives across the country. Through our forums, we provide leaders with a thought provoking, structured, and ongoing peer group that creates a challenging and supportive learning community in which leaders hold one another accountable.
Executives, who participate in R-Squared, tell us they have changed how they run their organization from working in a silo to working as a team, from trying to invent solutions to quickly accessing best practices, and from being frustrated to empowered.
Don’t continue to reinvent the wheel! Realizing that you are not alone is the first step in moving out of isolation. Next is experiencing an R-Squared Executive Forum that will connect you to a vetted group of individuals who want the same thing you do - a community. You will soon see that not only is your organization thriving, but you as a leader are too.
“Most training is about tips and tricks – do this and you get better results. What was different about R- Squared is that it was challenging us and teaching us really to think differently.”
Kale Walls, Eye to Eye
When You Participate in R-Squared Executive Forums, You Will
  • Establish a peer community that will meet with regularly to provide support and best practices as you grow your organization. You will be able to harness the full power of a broader network all while getting to know individuals who can share in your journey.
  • Have a safe space to work through your most sensitive challenges. Everything discussed within R-Squared is kept confidential, meaning you can be transparent with the challenges you are facing as a leader
  • Gain solutions and best practices that allow you to work ON your organization, not just IN your organization
R-Squared Executive Forum -
participant feedback

It has been encouraging and helpful to learn from and share with a community of peers.


It has been valuable to have this dedicated time to discuss these topics with my peers.


The discussion of challenges and opportunities was helpful and applicable to me and to my organization.


The framework for org design - align, define, i.d., design - was helpful and applicable to my organization.

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